Independent, Woman-Owned,
Boutique Fitness Club.



Our unique class schedule is masterfully designed to deliver variety and fun in your fitness journey, featuring low-impact interval training, weight training, and yoga.


Truly personalized training coming soon. We will offer 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 private classes with our expert Peach Bum trainers who are ready to help you reach your goals. Follow us on Instagram @peachbum for the latest updates.


Planning a bachelorette party, college social, or corporate outing? Reach out to our Events Coordinator and let us help you plan the perfect event for your group at Peach Bum.



Our signature Tabata-style workout designed for beginner to intermediate clients. Be prepared for a strong focus on glute-work in addition to full body intervals.

⏱️ 45 min | All equipment provided


Peach Bum’s Yoga classes fluidly moves you through active yoga sequences specifically designed for strength, poise, and balance. Join us on Sunday for a special 'Self Love Sunday Yoga' class focused on mindfulness, intention-setting, and self-love. Appropriate for all levels.

⏱️ 45 min | All equipment provided


Peach Bum Pilates fluidly moves you through active floor exercises using resistance loops, handheld weights, and ankle weights. We will work with you to develop greater flexibility, core strength and long, lean muscles through our ultimate restorative and refreshing mind-body workout

⏱️ 50 min | All equipment provided


Barre is a fun and effective workout, combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. In our Peach Bum Barre class, we won't have a physical barre in studio, so expect a lot of standing low holds and pulses as well as banded mat work to fire up the lower body. All levels welcome!

⏱️ 45 min | All equipment provided

Peach Bum is paradise

Women-owned and operated, Peach Bum provides a much needed colorful haven for burned out gym-goers.

Texas Tribune

Fitness is fun again

Invigorating class concepts, expert instructors, and an unpretentious environment make Peach Bum a welcoming place for all.

Austin Travels Magazine

A breath of fresh air!

Approachable classes for beginners and gym rats alike, Peach Bum leads the way in the new wave of boutique fitness.

Austin Woman Magazine


What class is recommended for newcomers?
If you're trying us out for the first time, we recommend taking our Peach Bum Signature class. This is not only our most popular offering, but it can also be easily modified for clients of all levels and abilities.

Do I need to bring anything with me to class?
We provide all clients with the equipment they'll need for each class. However, we do recommend bringing a full bottle of water.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Please cancel more than 1 hour before your class to avoid losing your class credit and being marked as a no-show. If you no-show more than 2 times a month, you will be charged a $10 fee for every subsequent no-show within that month.

What happens if I'm late to class?
Generally speaking, latecomers will not be admitted to class. We advise all clients to plan on arriving 5-10 minutes early to class and to take extra care in checking traffic conditions leading up to their class time. In doing so, we can remain respectful of everyone's time. Should your schedule or plans change during the day, you are more than welcome to cancel your booking online provided it is more than 1 hour before the scheduled start time.

What if I'm just going to be a few minutes late?
If you are running 1-5 minutes late past the scheduled start time of your class, please text or call us at 737-242-6853 as soon as possible so we can inform the instructor that you're on your way. If you're running just a few minutes late and give us a heads up, it's highly likely that we can still admit you. We understand that sometimes there are slight delays outside of your control, but as a rule of thumb, please plan on being punctual. Arrivals more than 5 minutes past the scheduled start time of a class will not be permitted.

Do I have to wear a mask in the studio?
No; wearing a mask is not compulsory in the studio. If you would like to wear one, you are of course more than welcome to.

What's the parking situation like?
We have tons of free parking spaces on-site!


Do you have lockers available?
Yes! We have beautiful custom-built lockers that are available to our clients to use for free.

I have a monthly membership at Peach Bum. Can I freeze or cancel it?
Yes, you have the ability to cancel your monthly membership yourself at any time online. If you would like to freeze your membership (while on vacation, for example), we are happy to take care of that for you. Just email with the details of when you would like your membership to be frozen. There are no penalties for freezing or cancelling your membership.

Do class credits roll over month to month for those with memberships?
No, unfortunately, class credits do not roll over to the next month if they are not used. If you'd like to freeze your membership to avoid the next billing cycle, we are happy to do that for you. Simply email with the details of your freeze request.

I bought a class package. When do my sessions expire?
Expiration details for each class package vary. Please refer to the 'Buy Sessions' page to view information on the specific class package you purchased.

Can I share my class credits/membership with another Peach Bum client?
No, we're sorry, but at this time we do not allow sharing sessions or membership transfers.

Can I still take a class if I have an injury or disability?
Yes! Just be sure to let your instructor know beforehand and they'll advise you on alternative movements or modifications that would be suitable.

Under what circumstances does Peach Bum cancel a class?
We rarely cancel classes on our schedule, however, if you have received a cancellation email from us it is likely because you were the only person registered for a particular class time. It is our policy to have at least 2 clients registered for each group fitness class. Should this happen, you will be notified well in advance and get your class credit back automatically.

Is there a minimum age requirement to take a class?
No; our classes are open to all ages, however, our trainers advise that our classes are best suited for clients be 16 years of age or older.

Are Peach Bum classes for women only?
Nope! All are welcome to attend a class regardless of gender.

Where is Peach Bum located?
We are located at 2330 S Lamar Blvd, Suite 100. The intersection near us is S Lamar Blvd and Bluebonnet Ln. If your GPS is having trouble, you can set it to Kriser's Natural Pet on S Lamar and you will find us right next to them!

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