With Valentine's Day coming just around the corner, I'm sure you're making plans; Whether that's with your friends for a Galentine's Day, with someone you love, or just yourself, here are some ideas to make it more festive and fun!

1. Find a cute outfit

The staple colors of Valentine's Day are red and pink, so don't be afraid for a bold look! Get creative and don't feel like it has to be an over-the-top masterpiece of an outfit (although those are great too!). Even the smallest piece of red or pink will get you in the mood.

2. Make Plans

Since Miss. Rona has kept us all at home it's crucial to stay safe. So, you can either gather with a couple of people that are in your small circle, or have a full-on Zoom party! This will give you the sense of a loving and fun group even if you aren't dating anyone. :)

3. Bake

When I think of Valentine's Day I think of red, love, and sweets. There are so many recipes you can find. One of my favorite desserts that would match perfectly for a Valentine's theme is a red velvet cake! Another great idea is to make a charcuterie board, while it can be a traditional cheese and meat board if you want to spice it up you can add your favorite sweets. Here's an example that looks delicious!



4. Listen to your favorite songs

Lastly, a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to listen to music. There are so many artists who are coming out with great music, whether they are fun-loving songs or the perfect scream alone, you can find the perfect playlist that will match any vibe.

Here are some of my recommendations:

  • Maude Lautor: Maude just came out with her new song “Walk Backwards.” It's the perfect love song. Her depiction of love is unlike anything I've seen, since it's not a traditional feeling. This song is about the blurry lines of love in friendships, so whether you have a boyfriend or a best friend it will be a good time to give it a listen. 
  • Taylor Swift: Everyone's favorite, Taylor Swift has just released her updated version of Love Story which is in perfect timing for Valentine's Day. The title says it all but it will be a great way to reminisce regardless of your relationship status.
  • Khya: With her debut song “City Lights'' coming out on Valentine's Day, this is a perfect breakup song if you're celebrating alone. I know I'm very excited for a new face in the music industry and in my opinion she is a mix of the ever talented Lorde and Olivia Rodrigo.
  • Madison Beer: Although her second album “Life Support” hasn't fully dropped yet, now is a perfect time to catch up on her 5 released songs on the album. They're a perfect representation of love and independence.
  • Olivia Rodrigo: Although she released her debut single “Driver's License” several weeks ago, in my opinion it's a perfect song to scream your heart out to! This break up song depicts her confusion between love and sadness perfectly.

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