Throughout this crazy and unpredictable year, we've constantly found ourselves looking for methods for self-improvement and ways to avoid burnout. Here are 5 tips we at Peach Bum have found that allow you to increase your productivity, boost your motivation, and become the best version of you. For more self-improvement tips check out our other blog posts!

1. Try yoga or exercise

Throughout my life I have always been active but during this year it's been hard to accomplish my normal activities, so I had to find a new way to get active. I tried everything but yoga was the only thing I enjoyed, it also not only helped me see results physically but also mentally.

2. Find good music

Finding music I loved improved my mood tremendously, there's so many genres and artists out there that I can guarantee there is a perfect style for you. Currently I have been loving Lorde, Frank Ocean, and Taylor Swift, but if these don't fit your style there are so many options out there!

3. Create a daily schedule

Creating a daily schedule allowed me to increase my productivity tremendously. At first when I thought about creating a daily schedule I thought it meant everyday had to be the same; but I found a system that allowed me to get everything done while incorporating activities that made me happy. This allowed me to have more energy and not become overwhelmed with my workload.

4. Push yourself out of your comfort zone

When you step outside of your comfort zone you will not only become a better version of yourself, but you’ll be even closer to accomplishing your goals and dreams. Don’t be afraid to take risks and you’ll find you will be able to do things you never knew you could. I found when I did something that scared me I became more confident and happy, which has increased my quality of life.

5. Find one activity that makes you happy that doesn't include a screen

This one is especially important because all we seem to do right now is hop from screen to screen, task to task. One of my favorite activities that gets me away from the screen is driving around, stopping at my local coffee shop, and listening to music in my room. It clears my head and improves my mood which allows me to come back with a new mindset that helps me be productive. You could also pick up a new hobby; learn an instrument, journal, or doodle in your notebook—anything that allows you to step away from your phone or computer for just a moment.

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