Self-love is critical to your mental health and wellbeing. As important as it is to nourish your body and soul through exercise, we must not forget to focus our divine energy on loving ourselves through positive affirmations. A daily routine of affirming the following 10 statements to yourself will help you to find deep appreciation and love for your body and soul. 

Wherever you may find yourself in your personal journey, it is important to take time to be present. Set aside five minutes of your day, whether in the morning or evening, to focus deeply on the one relationship that remains constant throughout your life's journey: your relationship with yourself

Similarly to the practice of exercise, a practice of repeating affirmations to yourself releases endorphins and promotes a sense of peace, well-being, and happiness. At Peach Bum, we challenge you to set aside any self-doubt, self-judgment, or discomfort and repeat the following 10 phrases daily for 30 days. Observe as your perception of yourself and your reality begins to shift.


1. I forgive myself


2. I have the power to create change


3. I love and treasure my body


4. I am present in every moment


5. I am worthy of my desires


6. I give and receive love freely


7. I speak kindly to myself and others


8. I am beautiful and strong


9. I am a magnet for healthy, uplifting, and empowering energy


10. I choose to be grateful for all that I have


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