Peach Bum is a boutique fitness brand disrupting the traditional gym industry. Expect a world-class sound system, immersive lighting, high-caliber instructors, and classes that are a uniquely crafted fitness fusion engineered to motivate and deliver results. Read to find out more about our diverse class offerings.

1. Peach Bum Signature

Our signature Tabata-style workout designed for beginner to intermediate clients. Be prepared for a strong focus on glute-work in addition to full body intervals.

2. Booty Blast

Peach Bum's ultimate glute-building workout. Incorporating barbell bench hip thrusts, floor work, and a higher level of weight resistance, this interval-based class is perfect for you if you're looking for a more advanced glute-activation experience. Recommended for intermediate to expert level clients. Peach Bum trainers advise participating in our Signature class at least once before signing up for Booty Blast.

3. Stretch + Unwind

Our Stretch + Unwind class is a fantastic foundation for all skill levels. This toning and revitalizing practice focuses on intuitive movement, stretching postures, and building flexibility. 

4. Zodiac Yoga

Peach Bum’s Zodiac Yoga fluidly moves you through active yoga sequences tailored to the characteristics of the current zodiac sign. Expect beginner-friendly poses, mindful meditation that changes with the celestial calendar, and light, sounds, and smells to transcend your standard practice.

5. Booty Barre

Barre is a fun and effective workout, combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. In our Booty Barre class, we won't have a physical bar in studio, so expect a lot of standing low holds and pulses as well as banded mat work to fire up the lower body. All levels welcome! ☆ Grip socks recommended but not required for this class

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