In honor of our gym opening up soon, we thought we would create an ultimate guide to a relaxing day off in Austin, Texas. In this guide we have food, workouts, shopping, self care activities and more!

1. Breakfast

Every day should start out with a good breakfast so head on over to Tiny Boxwoods for the cutest restaurant to treat yourself to a nice big cinnamon roll or anything else on their diverse menu!

Tiny Boxwoods Austin Texas

2. Workout

After a good filling breakfast head on over to Peach Bum and participate in one of our signature booty-building classes. At Peach Bum, every detail from our interior aesthetic to our playlists is thoughtfully designed to deliver a motivating and memorable experience. To take advantage of our pre-sale class prices, you can visit our portal here to purchase! 

3. Shop

After your Peach Bum workout, be sure to stick around a while and shop for some merch! You can also check out our blog post on other small women-owned business in the Austin area to support here

4. Lunch

By now I'm sure you're hungry so head over to Dai Due Taqueria for an Austin staple, tacos.

5. Relax

This next one is crucial to a perfect self care day in Austin. Stay home and watch some of your favorite shows, some of mine are: The Queen's Gambit, Grey's Anatomy and The Office. While you're watching some shows try adding in other self-care activities like doing a face mask and putting on some comfortable clothes.

6. Go on a walk

Take a walk during sunset. This is one of the most therapeutic things you can do and it's so good for your mental and physical wellbeing! One great place to take a leisurely stroll is by the Oasis of Lake Travis, but anywhere will be a very relaxing experience.

7. Dinner

One of my favorite ways to relax is to order food in. You can use apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc. While you're enjoying your meal, turn on a movie, spend time with family, friends, pets, or just yourself.

8. Meditate

Lastly, before you get a good night's rest do your affirmations, write down your goals, and meditate. This will set the tone for the rest of your week and put you in a positive headspace for the next morning.

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